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10 April Fools Pranks: Acorn Stairlifts Won’t Fool You with Our High-Quality Stairlifts

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April 1st, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day, is a silly occasion full of jokes, tricks, pranks, laughter, and fun. Find out how you can get in on the fun this year with April Fool’s ideas that will lift your spirits and put smiles on your friends’ and families’ faces.

Classic April Fools Jokes to Trick Your Family and Friends

       1. Offer Your Loved Ones a Delicious Toothpaste Oreo

Who doesn’t love a classic Oreo? Take some Oreos and replace the filling inside with your toothpaste of choice (bonus points for weirder toothpaste flavours). Put the innocent-looking Oreos on a plate to serve to your friends/family and watch their surprised and disgusted faces as they take a bite.

       2. Wrap a Rubber Band Around Your Sink Sprayer

For this prank, you’ll need a sink that has a sprayer and a rubber band. Simply wrap the rubber band around the handle of the sprayer so that it is held down. The next time someone turns on the faucet, they will be sprayed with a surprising shower. Warning: Find out if anyone in your house has an important meeting that they can’t be late to beforehand.

       3. Bombard a Small Space with Balloons

This prank feels like a party. Blow up a ton of balloons and fill a small, enclosed space with them. Whether you pack the balloons into your loved one’s car or their office, they will be surprised to be met with a parade of balloons when they open the door.

       4. Put Dye in the Shower Head

If you want to strike your unsuspecting victim with a shower of bold colors, unscrew the head of the shower off and place Easter egg dye tablets inside. Instead of a nice, relaxing shower, the next person to hop in will receive a burst of energy—and a burst of color.

        5. Add Googly Eyes to Random Objects

grandparents playing with grandkidsThis prank gives a new meaning to spying eyes. Place googly eyes on random objects to give your loved ones a good laugh. Whether you put the googly eyes on food items in your fridge or random furniture around the house, this cute prank is guaranteed to make you feel like all eyes are on you.

       6. Silly Auto-Correct Trick

If you are technologically savvy, this trick is for you. Go into your victim’s phone or computer and program a common word such as “the,” “and,” or “a” to autocorrect to the silly word of your choice. If you want to admire your handiwork, text your loved one a question that requires a multi-sentence response. Cue the confusion when their message is suddenly filled with funny words that they didn’t type.

       7. Swap the Sugar and Salt

This may not be the sweetest thing you’ll ever do for someone, but we hope your loved one isn’t too salty about it. Swap the sugar with salt and watch chaos and confusion ensue.

       8. Put Vaseline on Doorknobs and Handles

Add some sticky, clear Vaseline to doorknobs and handles around the house for an unpleasant and slippery surprise.

       9. Fill a Fake Letter with Glitter

Glitter is pretty, fun, and it gets everywhere. Fill an important-looking envelope full of sparkly glitter and hand it to a loved one, telling them that they received mail that needs to be opened immediately. Watch their shocked face when upon opening the letter, glitter rains everywhere.

      10. Block a Doorway with Paper Cups Filled with Water

Who doesn’t love an obstacle course added to their daily routine? Block the entrance to a doorway with cups filled to the brim with water to make your loved one’s day a little more interesting. Make sure that you use paper cups instead of glass to ensure that the prank remains safe and harmless—but still maybe a little wet.

We’re Not Joking: Why Acorn Stairlifts NZ Helps Lift Your Life

One thing that isn’t something to fool around with is your ability to move up and down the stairs safely. Here at Acorn Stairlifts, we know that your safety, mobility, and independence are no laughing matter, which is why we work so hard to provide you with the stairlifts and service you deserve to rise to new heights.

Our customised stairlift chairs are designed to fit your needs and staircases, whether they are straight or curved, indoor or outdoor, or wide or narrow. Installation is mess and stress-free because a stairlift from Acorn is attached directly to the stairs and never the wall. This means that no drilling or plastering is required, and installation is quickly performed by Acorn’s stairlift experts with no trace that they were even in your home. When it comes to stairlifts, Acorn never fools around from our top-notch service and stairlift repairs to our amazing aftercare plans.

Regain your independence and full access to your home with an Acorn stairlift for your home. Contact us today to claim your free, no-obligation stairlift elevator quote and home survey.

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

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