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Quality Service from the Start

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From the outset, Acorn Stairlifts tries to provide the most satisfactory possible service. It's no different with our stairlifts, from conception to completion. Every step of the way, we ensure that our world-class stairlifts are made with the finest quality and accuracy. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we make it ourselves.  

From conception to completion, each product is crafted with great care, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. One of the great features is that we have eight primary hubs globally, allowing us to effortlessly distribute and deliver the most exemplary service to you no matter where you are. Take a look at just a handful of the features that come standard with your Acorn Stairlift.  

Rack and Pinion

A rack and pinion mechanism is included with our stairlifts, allowing the lift to glide smoothly and safely on your steps. There are no noisy motors or tangled connections in this custom-built system. Because of their remarkable design, our stairlifts will start and stop with accuracy and safety.  

Innovative Tech  A skilled Acorn technician assures the quality while he installs an Acorn Stairlift.

We were able to design the perfect stairlift for users of all types, thanks to modern technologies.  Whether you want a straight stairlift or a curved stairlift, you can be confident that your lift is equipped with cutting-edge technology to transport you up the stairs securely. All of our lifts come with a diagnostic system that can alert you to any minor issues that you may quickly fix. Furthermore, after years of developing our technology, we have developed a stairlift that is simple to use by anyone. Our features have even achieved the Arthritis Foundation's Ease of Use accreditation.  

High Quality   

Acorn Stairlifts has put a lot of money into its production plants. This money is used to ensure each stairlift is of the most outstanding quality and can be relied on for a long time. Even before it is fully completed, each lift is examined individually to ensure that each component performs to its maximum capability. When it comes to incorporating precision engineering and features into each stairlift, no detail is overlooked.  

Our stairlifts stand out from the crowd because we maintain tight ties with our suppliers and manufacturers. You may also benefit from a 12-month manufacturer warranty, which covers service visits, parts, and labor if you ever need it. You'll be able to purchase extra coverage after your first year is over to ensure that your lift runs appropriately every time. Choose Acorn Stairlift for all your stairlift needs if you want to experience a dramatic improvement in your mobility. Visit our Contact Us page and fill out our contact form if you'd like more information about our high-quality, dependable service. 

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