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How to Better Connect with Your Grandparents

12:00am & Tips and Advice

Prior to the pandemic, many people had access to their grandparents through a range of activities such as gift-giving, card-giving, or visiting grandparents that may live in nursing homes. We wanted to provide you some innovative ways to still connect and be closer than ever to your loved ones who may feel forgotten. Sometimes we forget how important and special our grandparents are. As we know our beloved grandparents are our family and unfortunately, they will not be around forever. We need to cherish the moments we have with them and create lifelong memories. Now is the time we should all appreciate and express our love to our grandparents through kind actions. Technology has made it relatively easy to use tools to help connect with many generations. Let’s explore a few of these ideas to connect with your grandparents today!    


                                                                 How to Connect with Grandparents   

  • If you have some extra time on your hands, revive the lost art of letter-writing and write a message to your grandparents by hand rather than over email.   


  • Grandmother excited to receive call from familyVideo chatting is wonderful, and there are a million ways to do it like What’s App, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, but you also must be available at the right time and ready to talk. Also, a great alternative is the Marco Polo app which is an awesome platform that allows you to exchange video postcards.   


  • Try to spend time connecting with your grandparents on a deeper level. It would be helpful to incorporate by spending time with them by watching their favorite movies through intimate video calls. Try having dinner or sit down to hear stories that advocate your grandparent's past strength, information, and guidance.    


Regardless we know our grandparents love us tremendously. As they’ve aged, they have seen all kinds of things and lived a lot. With all that living they’ve definitely learned a thing or two. The wisdom they have to pass down should prompt us to take the time out to listen to them. If we want to continue to foster these relationships with our elder loved ones then it is the thought that counts. So, make sure to do your part and let your grandparents know that you are thinking of them. 


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